Know About Me

Versatileblogs a dream, this idea of writing blogs was born when a pandemic was hit and like many people in the world, I lost the job. The pandemic gave me that opportunity to follow my dreams and do something which I always wanted to do but never had the time for it.
This site Versatileblogs is here to deliver interesting facts you never knew about. Well at least will be trying to deliver facts which are interesting and new.

About the Versatileblogs girl


I am Pratima, now a blogger, living in Bangalore.

But I was not always a blogger. When I completed my graduation in 2010 started as a software engineer, then didn’t like the tech job so changed the job and became an HR. I was in the HR field for all these years.

Then 2020 came and life changed for all. As 2020 is called the lost year so was it for me too. I lost my job and then across the world was the lockdown. This lockdown gave me the opportunity to follow my dreams and do something which I like and love. And here I am with my blogs, I have many ideas and many topics to touch down so I will do that one at a time. And to get this dream come true and become a reality I need the support of all of you.

You can get in touch with me over the mail my Id is or you can drop me feedback or comment on my Connect Page.