How to take care of a Puppy – Tips for New Pup Parents

Congratulations on bringing your new bud at home. I know the struggle is real as you are the first time owners but don’t panic. Getting your home ready for your buddy needs careful considerations. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your puppy.

Puppy Proof Your Home

Your new buddy is a curious creature and it will be very difficult to have close supervision on it all the time.

So before you let your new friend explore your home secure all the electrical cords, remove all the toxic substances out of reach like cleaning supplies and insecticides.

Remove anything they might be tempted to chew or swallow, close off all the vents, pet doors, or anything that might allow them to become lost or stuck.

Supplies You’ll Need

Like a newborn new puppy also comes with a shopping list. You need to get a crate and/or dog bed. food and water bowls, collar, and leash.

There is a list of things you would need.

  • Bowls: Stainless steel food and water bowls
  • Dog Bed: Get two, one to use one to refill when you are washing the other
  • Toys: Choose items that are safe for dogs
  • Brush and Comb: Wipes, Toothpaste, non-toxic Shampoo, Comb
  • Crate: To help in training
  • Treats: Will be useful while training
  • Food: Puppy food right for your dog’s size and age
  • Collar and leash: a sturdy leash and nylon collar identification tags for the collar
  • Cleaning Supplies: Wipes, Dog safe toothpaste, Nail trimmer

Puppy Training

Now the home is secured for your buddy, still, introduce them to the entire house slowly. To train your puppy it needs good routine, patience, and commitment. When your puppy behaves well, reward them with treats so that they repeat that behavior.

Crate Training a Puppy

Make sure the crate is big enough that your buddy doesn’t feel suffocating inside. Place a welcoming bed and blanket inside the crate which is soft and comfortable. Make sure you keep enough dog toys and hide treats inside the crate for them to find.

Few puppies like to sleep with plush toys when they curl up in bed, as it reminds them of their littermates. Other toys such as chew toys, squeaky toys, or rope toys, will keep your pup mentally stimulated, which will also prevent boredom, whining, barking, and digging.

Never use a puppy crate to punish your dog or leave your puppy inside for longer than four hours at a stretch.

Potty Training a Puppy

Your little one is a kid and accidents will happen. So it is important your puppy learns which is the right place for them to go to the toilet. Watch your puppy and limit their chance to pee inside the house. Whenever you find them squatting rush them straight outside.

To avoid accidents happening inside the house offer your puppy lots of toilet breaks.

Potty Training
  • Every 20-30 minutes
  • During walks
  • 15 minutes after a meal
  • Before and after bedtime
  • After playtime

Puppy Nutrition

Taking care of a puppy is similar to taking care of a human baby. As puppies’ nutrients and energy requirements are different than adult dogs. Go for a high-quality puppy food that is specially formulated for the development and growth of a puppy.

Quantity of food depends on factors like age, size, and breed. If you are first time owner I would suggest please consult the vet about how much, what, and how often to feed your pup.

Be it a small breed or large breed pup make sure they are fed multiple meals each day with a controlled portion to prevent complications like stomach bloating and buildup of excess protein or calcium which could lead to conditions like hip dysplasia.

Below is a structured feeding schedule for puppies.

  • Six to twelve weeks old: Four meals a day
  • Three to six months old: three meals a day
  • Six Months and up two meals a day

Training and Socialization

Tips for New Pup Parents

As new owners must remember it is a big life-changing activity for both humans and animals. Your puppy will be in a new environment with new people, sound, smell, and a new family to meet.

When first introduced to its new home, place your new puppy on a leash, and allow it to roam its new environment under your control. You want it to feel comfortable and at the same time, you should have the control in your hands.

When providing exercise, establish dominance, so the puppy knows to follow your command. be sure to keep your puppy on a short leash by your side. Do not allow the puppy to pull and lead you. Teaching your dog to follow commands will ensure you can keep it safe.

Playing with your puppy is a good way to establish bonding with your new friend. You need not have to take them for a walk or jogging, playing with them inside the house for 15-30 minutes is a good exercise for them. Remember when your bud is sleeping they are relaxing and accumulating a good amount of energy and this energy needs to be vented out.

Games like fetch, tug of war, hide and seek are few games you can play with your bud so that they could release pent up energy.

Visiting Vet

Tips to take care new pup

Keeping your puppy healthy is an important thing for you. Make sure once you get your bud home the first thing you have to do is find a good veterinarian nearby. When you visit the vet for the first time clarify all your doubts regarding what food to be given how much to be given, its duration.

Your vet would check your puppy for any health problems like parasites such as fleas, ticks, and heartworms if they have any parasite problem your vet will prescribe necessary medicine for it. They would vaccinate and will share with you the schedule for the next visit which will help reduce any health problems as they get older.


Grooming includes trimmings, brushing his teeth, his coat, trimming their nails, and bathing. I would suggest it would be better to start grooming your dog when they are still puppy this eases up the journey ahead. 

Bathing a puppy can be a chore in itself, so be prepared with plenty of towels and be ready for water splashes. Brushing teeth may seem absurd for few pet parents, but trust me brushing teeth of your pups will keep their mouth healthy for a long time.

Raising a puppy is not an easy task, it is equivalent to raising a human kid. But once you start investing your time in them you will have a stronger bond with your puppy and you will be rewarded with unconditional love from them.


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