Are you ready to get your first puppy, Tips for the first time Dog Parents!!

Congratulations!! I assume since you are reading this article you are all ready to be first-time dog Parents. But wait think again are you really prepared and up for this 10-20 years of commitment.

Becoming a first-time dog parent is full of excitement and a bit overwhelming. There are so many different dog breeds available so I hope you choose the right one.

Here are the important points to keep in mind as you are about to get your new family member to your home!!

Make Sure You Really Want a Dog

Bringing home, a dog shouldn’t be an impulsive decision. Owning a dog is a commitment which you and your family members should be ready to commit. They can be expensive, messy, noisy, energetic. Playing with someone else or street dog and having one with you are two different things.

Young puppies need to be fed at least three to four times a day. And right after you fed them they are needed to be taken out so that they get potty trained. You cannot have your normal 7-8 hours of beauty sleep as puppies might wake you up several times as they might be hungry or they want to go outside or they are just done with sleeping.

first time Dog Parents

Puppies cannot be left home alone, as left alone at home can be destructive. They want to explore the new place, chew/lick/eat everything around them. As they are full of energy puppies require exercise, training, and socializing.

So think again and take decisions wisely. Are you ready to come home from your hectic work to take care of your puppy? Wake up in the middle of the night? Are you up for taking out extra time from your life for training and socialization? Are your family members with you in this decision?

If you are getting a young puppy, you have to be prepared to spend a lot of time with this loved one, or else you can adopt an adult dog.

Now that you made the decision to bring dog to your home let’s see which one to select.

What Kind of Dog Is Better for You

There are so many different types of Dogs to choose from. Think and make a decision about which dog is better for you. Few points which might help you choose the right one for you.

  • Size: Small, medium, large or giant
  • Age: Puppy, Adult or Senior
  • Activity Level: low-energy, high-energy or somewhere in between
  • Grooming Needs: Low level, high level or somewhere in between

You should also consider their health concerns, their personality traits, how easy or difficult it is to train them. How much exercise you can provide for them? Are you looking for pure breeds or mix-breed dogs? What kind of food supplies to be provided?

first time Dog Parents

Where to Find Your New Puppy

Now that you know which type of puppy you need, it’s time to find for the right place from where you get them.

You can go for adopting a dog if possible. You can visit the local animal shelters pet rescue groups they have adorable pets waiting to find their forever safe homes. Even if you are not sure what kind of breed you are going to find there, but it is worth visiting once to these shelters you never know you might fall in love!

If you choose to buy any specific dog breed, then be responsible. Go for a verified experienced breeder with proper paperwork and a good reputation. Avoid buying from online classified ads, flea markets, or backyard breeders; these puppies have an unknown background and may be unhealthy.

When you find the right place, the puppy will choose its new home. You can feel the happiness of owning your new family member.

Find correct breed

Puppy proof your Home

Now that you have decided to be the Dog Parent. Your four-footed baby loves to explore its new surrounding and it might hurt itself. Make sure before you get your baby home, make home puppy proof.

Destructive behavior of puppy is common and it can hurt your little one get down to the puppy eye-level and look for dangerous things around.

  • Hide all electrical wires as much as possible.
  • Keep all the house cleaning items at a higher level, lock the cabinets which have eatables or medicines or toxic chemicals.
  • Keep your shoe racks, plants, papers, books at higher levels. Puppies love to explore these things, sometime they might chew on and may swallow which might be dangerous for them.
  • To keep your puppy safe all the time is keeping them under supervision all the time. If you are leaving them home alone keep them in a crate while you are away. A puppy should not have access to the full house until it is older and well trained. Avoid leaving your young puppy home alone for long hours they will get depressed.
Puppy proof home

Take Your Dog to Veterinarian Regularly

The well-being of your dog is in your hands now. Within the first few days of bringing your dog to your home, your new puppy should visit your veterinarian. This is a chance to make sure there are no health issues with your new puppy.

  • When you are visiting the veterinarian for the first time make sure you carry all the paperwork along with you. This helps your vet to do the examination and schedule the vaccination for your puppy.
  • There are several rounds of vaccines and boosters to be given to your puppy between six to eighteen weeks to keep them healthy.
  • After that, you should visit the veterinarian at least once a year for checkups. One more important aspect is to spay and neuter your dog if you are not willing to have surprises.
Dog to Vet

Stock Up Puppy Supplies

Avoid stocking up supplies that your puppy is not going to use. Make a list of essential things that would be required before you get your puppy home. I have listed a few things below which are important have a look.

  • Metal or ceramic pet bowls for food and water
  • Puppy Food
  • Basic lead which is best for teaching your dog walk next to you
  • Harness attach your dog’s lead to harness as they don’t experience the pressure around the neck if they pull. Make sure it’s a harness that allows your puppy to walk and run naturally.
  • Dog Bed and a Crate with room to grow
  • Few Simple toys (Plush Toy, Chew Toy, Squeaky Toy)
  • Brush, Comb or Grooming kit appropriate for your puppy’s coat

As your puppy will grow their grooming and preventive supplies will change according to their needs in which your vet will advise what best fit for your Dog.

Pet Supplies

Raise Your Puppy Correctly

All puppies need special care and time to make sure they grow healthy and happy.

  • Choose a healthy diet made specifically for puppies and stick to the time table as changing time confuses your puppy
  • Maintain a routine that includes exercise, training and socializing
  • Stay on schedule with puppy vet visits and vaccines
  • Make time for bonding and play, along with it begin house training from the moment your puppy comes home.
  • Bring obedience training at home, but start small, don’t be too strict, let your puppy be a puppy. Be patient and consistent it will take weeks and months.
  • Socialize your puppy well. Take your puppy to new places so that it can experience sights, sounds, smell, people, and pets that are new.
first time Dog Parents


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